more ‘Blade Runner’ production design art by Syd Mead.

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The Looney Tunes cartoons are still great. It’s too bad those gross people in the 90s got their stink all over these characters. It makes it harder to remember how much pure fun the originals are.

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80s Transformers Dinobots artwork

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TMNT#39_cover by Santolouco

Hell yes! This is everything I want to see. Don’t bother me, I’ll be staring at this for a while.

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Front and back cover to Frank Gorshin’s album, A & M Records, 1966.

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Hey friends! Lots of very exciting projects ahead. A new comic for print, other stuff, yadda yadda. On to business.

I’ve jumped on the Patreon bandwagon! I’m really busy with other projects, but I would also like to more consistently put comics on the internet for you dear readers. Not worrying about cash so much would really help with that, so click here I guess maybe if you want to help me out.

For those who don’t know, Patreon is kinda like kickstarter but more geared towards people makin’ stuff for the internet and whatnot. It’s pretty nice and handy! And you can pledge whatever you want and set a maximum so you don’t go over budget and stuff. I’ve got a couple rewards and stretch goals but I’m keeping it pretty simple.

Also pictured: Something I’m pencilling.

Thank you all! Hopefully I got all this figured out properly. This would really help me out quite a lot.

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HEY, YOU! Did you wanna get a copy of Fight Frogs and missed both the Kickstarter for it and SPX this year? Well guess what, buster! TOUGH SHIT!

Just kidding! :B The remaining copies are now available for purchase on my webstore, as well as a reprint of the previously sold out Executioner and Friend, and Fight Frogs patches and posters! Head over to jgillustration.bigcartel.com and grab them while they’re still around!

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